Team that saved stray pregnant cat release GoPro footage of the rescue

Cat owners know that their pets are fairly low maintenance creatures — until they get stuck somewhere. Then it takes a village.

It took an entire team of rescuers to retrieve a stray cat stuck in a southern Thailand well. A homeowner called emergency services after he heard the crying kitty while in his garden. The cat appeared to have gotten stuck after heavy rains in the area.

A member of the rescue team, Sarayut Kanghae, connected a GoPro to his helmet as he and his teammates ascended 16-feet down into the well. The footage shows the men abseil down the hole. When they arrive at the bottom the cat appears to be trapped behind a wall. A rescuer hammers away at the stone to create an opening and eventually reaches the cooing cat.

The scared stray tries to break away from the rescuer. The team then opts to use a basket connected with ropes to retrieve the cat. They place her in it and quickly pull her up.

Kanghae said as soon as the cat, who turned out to be pregnant, was rescued she ran away again. They’re unsure of how the animal became trapped in the well because it was covered. However, they suspect she may have lost her footing and slipped after the rainfall.

“I still don’t know how the cat fell down there because I had already closed the well. However, I’m just thankful that we could save her in time, Khangae told Newsflare. ”She is a stray so I can’t keep her as a pet, but I will leave food and milk out in the garden for her and makes sure she is safe.”

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