Teen convinces her mom that Lin-Manuel Miranda is a ‘cute’ new teacher at her school

A teenager is going viral after pulling a “romantic” prank on her mom.

The teen, named Rianna Dunne, shared the stunt in a TikTok video posted on July 21. In it, she introduces her mom to a new “teacher” at her college.

There’s only one problem: The professor is actually “Hamilton” creator and three-time Grammy winner Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Dunne begins her prank by texting her mom a photo of Miranda, and asking if she thinks he’s “cute.” Her mom responds by saying “Kinda, who is he.”

The teen goes on to explain that “Lin” is a new professor at Rhode Island College, where she goes to school. She tells her mom he teaches history — a fitting subject for the creator of a musical about the Founding Fathers.


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Dunne’s mom eventually seems interested, asking for more info about Lin. She also asks her daughter if she’s “changing her major” so she can take his classes.

“Doesn’t he look like a good guy?” Dunne asks her mother, who answers “Yes.”

The video has since received more than 420,000 views, plus nearly 1,500 commenters. Many TikTok users seemed shocked that Dunne’s mom didn’t recognize Miranda’s face.

“How could she not know who he is?” one user asked.

“I wish I could do this w/ my mom but she’s a Hamilton stan,” another wrote.

Others simply enjoyed the prank or said they couldn’t wait to try it on their own parents.

“I CANT STOP LAUGHING AT THIS,” one user wrote.

“I’m definitely going to try this,” another added.

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