Thoughtful teenager digs hole in sand for her pregnant mom: ‘Stop, this is adorable’

This pregnant parent shared the thoughtful thing her daughter did to make her more comfortable at the beach!

Brittany Xavier (@brittany.xavier) is a fashion blogger, influencer, and mom who shares a mix of fashion content and sweet videos of her family on TikTok.

When Brittany was 8 months pregnant with her second child, she shared a heartwarming video of herself and her daughter at the beach together. The video, which racked up 2.9 million views and counting, shows Brittany’s daughter digging a hole in the sand — for a surprisingly thoughtful reason. 


she’s always the sweetest 😭😭 she’s going to be such a good big sister 🥰 @jadyn.xavier #momanddaughter #pregnant

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The video begins with Brittany standing on the beach, the ocean behind her, modeling a chic bikini, and showing off her pregnant belly. A caption reads, “I’m 8 months pregnant…”

Next, the video shows Brittany’s daughter, Jadyn, digging a hole in the sand with her hands. Jadyn carefully scoops handfuls of sand, creating a shallow circular hole about a foot wide. “And my daughter wanted to dig me a hole in the sand,” the next caption reads. “For my belly.”

Once Jadyn finishes digging the hole, she lays two towels in the sand, placing the first towel over the hole, and the second one beside it. Brittany lays out on the first towel, placing her stomach in the hole, so that she is able to lay on her belly comfortably. Jadyn meanwhile, lies down on the second towel next to her mom. The final caption reads, “So we can lay out and talk together like we always do at the beach.”

The video ends with Brittany and Jadyn grinning at each other and laughing, as Brittany lays her head against her daughter’s.

Viewers were blown away by Jadyn’s thoughtfulness and ingenuity. 

“Stop, this is adorable,” one viewer wrote. 

“This is true mama and daughter moments,” another TikToker responded.

“That’s a smart idea,” commented another viewer. 

Several viewers even compared Brittany and Jadyn to the fictional mother-daughter duo on the TV show Gilmore Girls.

“Definitely a Lorelai and Rory,” one viewer commented.

While another simply wrote, “Rory and Lorelai Gilmore.”

Digging a hole in the sand might not be a dramatic gesture, but Brittany’s video shows how meaningful small acts of kindness can be!

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