Teen finds and takes home stray dog during randonauting session

While randonauting, a Reddit user came across a stray dog and decided to give him a forever home.

For those who are unfamiliar, “randonauting” is using a random number generator to come up with specific coordinates in your area to explore. (More on that here.)

In order to have an authentic randonauting experience, you must set an intention before you set out to explore the coordinates you’re given. Well, Reddit user sarcatt set a “dog” intention — and that’s how she ended up crossing paths with her new furry friend.

“I’ve been wanting a dog for awhile, so I thought I’d set the intent as dog for fun (I’m skeptical and didn’t expect anything),” she explained. “I used attractor and the app lead me down a gravel road that I didn’t even know existed which gave me a weird feeling.”

“I didn’t see anything initially and kept driving until I saw a stray,” she continued. “He came right up to me when I called him and It was obvious that someone had likely owned him prior to this. I assume he had been dumped because he was friendly but scrawny. I took him home with me shortly after. Still at a loss for words that this happened.”

Sarcatt isn’t the only one who’s seen success with the Randonautica app. On the r/Randonauts subreddit, people have shared their successful attempts exploring with everything from an “old car” intent to a “scary” intent.

Explore at your own risk!

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