Teen’s flirting attempt goes horribly wrong

Normally, most of us don’t take rejection well, especially if we’re being turned down by someone we’re madly in love with. But one Pittsburgh teenager has made it his mission to get rejected — for a hilarious purpose.

Meet Hunter Badamo. For the past couple of weeks, the 16-year-old has been posting videos himself conducting “speedruns.” In competitive video games, a speedrun is a playthrough with the goal of finishing a game as quickly as possible. In Badamo’s case, the teen sends private messages to girls on Snapchat and times how long it takes for them to reject him.

In one of his TikToks posted on Dec. 29, Badamo narrates his conversation with an unidentified girl on Snapchat while pretending to play the exchange out as if it were a video game.

“Okay, here we go, getting left on read speedrun,” he says, sending a selfie to the girl. “Okay, we’re at the line. By the way, full-face picture for an 80 percent greater chance of rejection.”


world record 😈

♬ original sound – hunter

In a message to the girl, Badamo asks her if she will go out with him. When the girl opens his Snap, she asks if he plays any sports.

“Perfect setup,” Badamo says, before telling her that he’s in a marching band.

The girl opens his Snap again but doesn’t respond, leading Badamo to stop the timer he had set on screen.

“Perfect speedrun,” he says, noting a speedrun time of 13:44 seconds. “Good job, boys.”

The TikTok, which has been liked more than 100,000 times, has led to similar clips in which Badamo tries to get rejected as quickly as possible. In a more recent TikTok posted on Jan. 7, Badamo sends a selfie to another girl via Snapchat and asks her out.

“Okay, gamers, we got a new speedrun today — we’re getting rejected — so start the clock. Let’s get moving,” he tells his followers. “Let me tell we’re going in here balls deep with a full-face picture and the smile.”


stop taking these down ##gamer ##GreenScreenScan ##TortillaTrend

♬ original sound – hunter

When the girl agrees to a date, Badamo makes every effort to change her mind.

“She wants to play tough here,” he says. “We’re going to mention that we play chess. The probability of losing your virginity exponentially decreases the more years you play chess. So, fellas, if you’re trying to get it, do not play chess.”

After the girl asks if Badamo, in fact, plays chess, he confirms his “lie” and gets the response he’s been waiting for.

“Leave me the f*** alone,” she writes back.

Her reply, in turn, gets the 16-year-old excited.

“Bam, that’s it,” he says in the TikTok, pointing to a speedrun time of 14:42 seconds. “That’s a freaking record. Let’s go!”

The teenager’s antics have since gained him a number of new followers (he currently has more than 29,500 followers), along with a bunch of enthusiastic — and, sometimes, sarcastic — comments.

“Very nice recovery good thinking with the chess strategy,” one person wrote in response to Badamo’s Jan. 7 TikTok.

“Congratulations king,” another added.

“Better luck next time,” a third posted.

There is no word yet as to whether Badamo’s rejection “records” on Snapchat have been beaten.

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