Teen’s ‘iconic’ gothic prom entrance goes viral on TikTok: ‘why wasn’t I this cool in high school’

Forget promposals — apparently, making a memorable entrance to your junior or senior prom is the latest trend Gen Z is mastering.

In fact, one teen on TikTok is going viral right now for her unique, hilarious and, yes, slightly macabre prom entrance.

Now, much like the teen who transformed a thrifted wedding dress into a stunning pink prom dress, this teen’s prom reveal is going viral.

The video was shared by a girl named Bri, who goes by @tysgirlfriend on TikTok.

In the clip, a black funeral hearse pulls up to what looks like an average American high school and stops right in front of a red carpet leading up to the school’s front entrance.

Once the hearse is parked, two “pallbearers” get out, along with two other young gentlemen in suits — one of which appears to be Bri’s boyfriend, Ty.

Then, just as you’d expect before a traditional burial, the men open the back of the hearse and pull out a coffin. But instead of carrying it to a gravesite, they set it down on the pavement, open it up and extend a hand to the person inside who is very much alive.

Seconds later, we see that it’s Bri, dressed in a dark, Goth-inspired prom dress.

She steps out with confidence, joins Ty on the red carpet, and the couple walks into prom as if that were just a totally normal occurrence.

After sharing the video on TikTok, it earned more than 3.5 million views. Thousands of people have also flooded the comments section to tell Bri just how much they envied her entrance.

“I LOVE THIS,” wrote one user, while another said they were “OBSESSED” with her unique arrival.

“why wasn’t I this cool in high school,” another person wondered aloud.

Others called her an “icon” and a “bad***” and told her that she “slayed” her prom like no other.

Several also thought it was sweet how on board her boyfriend was with all of it.

“OMG her date was the proudest of them all,” wrote one commenter.

“her dates like ‘Yeah that’s right I have the coolest date at prom!'” said someone else.

Even a few people who know Bri personally couldn’t help but comment.

“I work with your mom and she’s been hyping up you getting out of that coffin for weeks…,” one person commented. “You ate and left no crumbs girl.”

She certainly didn’t.

The couple later shared a few follow-up videos that offered a glimpse into how the rest of their night went, but none could really compare to the entrance video, which knocked it out of the park.

It’ll be interesting to see if this somehow sparks a new trend of hearses rolling up to prom nights (Honestly, we kind of hope it does).

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