Teen infuriates dad by refusing his ‘greedy’ household demand: ‘He hasn’t spoken to me since’

A teenage girl believes she may have infuriated her father by baking a cake. 

She shared the incident on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. The 17-year-old loves to bake. For her friend’s birthday, she made an elaborate strawberry crumble cake that took her four to six hours to make. The issue was sparked because she refused to let her family members sample the treat, now her father isn’t speaking to her.

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“I made it very clear to my family that I will be baking this cake for my friend and they won’t have any,” she explained. “My reasoning is that any perishable good that’s been given as a gift should be left with the guests you’ve given it to as a show of friendship. My father was pissed. He knows how difficult it is for me to make this cake, but he also wanted a slice. I can’t blame him, it’s absolutely delicious. But he started yelling at me that I should cut and leave a slice for him, my mother and my siblings. I told him that wouldn’t be happening as it’s for my friend and their family to eat, not us.” 

The teenager held her ground and saved the entire cake for her friend. But she is wondering if she made a different mistake. 

“I ate the cake with my friend and their family, which I believe I shouldn’t have done, as that would make me the only member in my family who did eat this cake and it would have made my father even angrier with me,” she said. “My father insisted that I should make the cake again soon since my family also deserved to eat a couple slices. I told him no and that I will bake the cake for another special occasion for us, but not anytime soon. He hasn’t spoken to me since.” 

“Your dad is a greedy, childish even,” someone commented

“Your father is acting very entitled,” another said

“It was a birthday cake for your friend, not for your family,” a user wrote

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