Teen is distraught over homework assignment in hilarious TikTok

This teenager’s homework assignment required him to take care of a fake baby, and his reaction proves just how tough being a parent truly is!

Being a parent is difficult, even when you’re only caring for a fake baby! In a hilarious video, a TikToker who goes by @thisisridiculous1988 captured the moment her teenage son, Andrew, realized just how much work goes into being a dad. Andrew received a homework assignment in which he had to care for a baby doll as though it was a real baby, and the assignment quickly had him cracking under the pressure of being a parent. 

The video begins with Andrew standing in the hallway, cradling the baby doll in his arms. The teenager looks visibly stressed out. “What does it need?” Andrew’s mom asks as she records him. 

“I don’t know,” the stressed teenager replies. “It started screaming two minutes later and was like, ‘I’m hungry!’”

Andrew’s mom tries to calm him down, but the anxious “new dad” isn’t having it. He continues his rant about how tough being a dad is. 

“It ate for 20 minutes,” he says. “It doesn’t tell you what it wants. You just have to keep trying things until you get it.”

The teenager pauses and looks at his mom with wide, scared eyes. “And if you pick it up and you don’t support its head enough it starts screaming and freaking out,” he says, starting to get angry. “‘Wah, wah, I’m a stupid baby.’”

The video ends with Andrew angrily walking away, still gently cradling the baby in his arms. 

Viewers were cracking up at the teenager’s brush with parenthood. 

“Sounds like this assignment is reaching its intended target,” one viewer joked. 

“‘You just have to keep trying things until you get it.’ My boy, that’s as real as it gets,” commented another viewer. 

“Buddy has aged 10 years with this assignment,” wrote another TikToker

Maybe after this assignment, Andrew will appreciate the hard work his parents do even more! 

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