TikTok stunned by 15-year-old’s life living in empty school

A teen on TikTok is sharing how he lives in an empty elementary school with his family.

15-year-old Riley Hansen is going viral after revealing his unusual living situation.

Hansen’s account was initially dedicated to videos of him with his car and learning how to drive. Then, on Feb. 2, Hansen posted a montage of the inside of an empty elementary school and captioned the video, “Yes it is an odd place to live I know but it’s pretty cool.”


Yes it is an odd place to live I know but it’s pretty cool.

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Hundreds of thousands of viewers thought Hansen was trolling them, but Hansen had an answer for every single question thrown his way.

“We do own the school and we bought it like buying any other building,” Hansen told In The Know of his family. “Some of my family does live with me, we have lived in it for the past four years.”

According to one of Hansen’s comments on TikTok, the expenses of living in a school aren’t that high — you just have to be prepared to do a lot of repairs on your own.

“Y’all believe this? I bet it’s his school he attends,” one user wrote.

In response to the comment, Hansen recorded another video tour.


Reply to @funkie5150v2 No shade to you, but I do actually live in the school.

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“I don’t know what shut-down elementary school allows high schoolers to enroll into it,” Hansen narrates in the second video. “I don’t know what elementary school lets a student build a bedroom in the assistant principal’s office.”

In the same follow-up TikTok, Hansen also revealed that he uses the principal’s office for his personal office and uses a full men’s bathroom as his own too.

The kitchen, which Hansen shows in another TikTok, looks like a regular kitchen — although much more spacious than the average kitchen — and although Hansen doesn’t specify what room this used to be for the elementary school, it looks like it could be either the cafeteria kitchen or part of a teacher’s lounge.

“It’s not really a remodel,” another commenter pointed out. “It doesn’t look good at all. Like y’all are squatting.”

“Yes my house from the outside looks like a regular, old elementary school,” Hansen says in response. “But I don’t know what elementary school has carpeted floors or looks like this.”


Reply to @wadekessler We do actually live in and own the school

♬ original sound – Riley Hansen

“My parents wanted to get it for foster kids because of the large space,” Hansen explained to In The Know.

Hansen said 14 people live in the school at the moment, adding that his family is continuing to remodel it, section by section. Hansen loves and appreciates the space — and the freedom that comes with it.

“That’s always been a dream of mine to own a school,” one person replied.

“Sleepover hide-and-seek would be horrifying in there at night,” another added.

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