Teen makes veganism look fun with creative food arrangments

Jose, who goes by naturally.jo on Instagram, is a vegan foodie icon. With over 1.6 million followers on Instagram, Jose’s rise to fame started when he was 16 years old.

The Peruvian 18-year-old makes going vegan look like immaculate dessert heaven. Jose incorporates pop culture references into his presentation and it makes his treats look all the more enticing. An Elmo meme smoothie bowl, “The Care Bears” cake and “Rick and Morty” smoothie cups, are just a few of his impression concoctions. 

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Elmo Smoothie Bowl 🔥🖤✨

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It all began when Jose decided to go vegan at 14 years old. Jose had been struggling with an eating disorder when he discovered the animal-friendly lifestyle. 

“I saw how lots of vegans ate a lot and followed a high-carb diet but still had a perfect fit body, so I started eating less animal products and decided to inform myself about veganism,” Jose told Daily Mail. “I was no longer looking to lose more weight, but to stop supporting all forms of animal cruelty.”

Veganism gave him a reason to learn to cook and taught him how to substitute real eggs with flax seed or chocolate with cacao powder to bake desserts. 

“The things I post on my Instagram are tasty but I really try to focus on presenting it in a way that it looks aesthetically pleasing, even if it’s totally unnecessary, like galaxy ice-cream, unicorn smoothies, or mermaid bowls,” he told Daily Mail

Those who have an aversion to vegan food may do a double-take once they see Jose’s photography and vibrant presentation. Who can resist a blueberry Pac-Man pie or a fruit salad with banana dolphins and watermelon waves?

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Banana dolphins in a fruit sea 🐬🍌🍉🥝✨

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One thing is for sure, he has already convinced a couple of people to make the big change from omnivore to herbivore — Jose’s mom and sister are converting. 

“My mom is very proud and supportive,” Jose told Daily Mail. “She says that she loves how passionate I am about it, and my sister loves eating the desserts I make.” 

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