Teens are ‘winning’ prom this year by using cool TikTok transitions to reveal their prom looks

Debuting your prom dress or tux used to happen when you stepped out of the limo and walked into the party. But thanks to TikTok, teens are now showing off their prom night looks before they even leave the house by using clever editing transitions to show the big reveal.

In one of the videos, which is now going viral, a teen named Chloe (@chloemadisyn09) begins to dance with her boyfriend as “Feeling Good” by Michael Bublé plays.

In the first half of the clip, the two are both wearing loungewear — she’s in a sleeveless shirt and leggings, and he’s in a T-shirt and shorts. But once Chloe’s boyfriend twirls and dips her, the clip instantly cuts to the pair in the same positions — this time, she’s in a full gown with hair and makeup, and he’s in a sleek tux with a bow tie.

Judging by the comments, people are loving it.

“Great transition guys!! Beautiful couple!” wrote one TikToker.

“the way he knows you are IT,” said another.

“The teenagers this year won prom these are the best I’ve ever seen,” added someone else.

The trend has taken off in the past few weeks, with #promtransition earning more than 133.4 million views.

There’s no shortage of prom transition videos all over TikTok, and as prom season begins to heat up, we’re willing to bet we’ll see a lot more where that came from.

The trend isn’t just for couples, though.

A few clips going viral feature proud singles who don’t need a significant other to make prom night memorable.

Instead, they’re happy to slay all on their own.

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