Teen reveals secret passageway hidden in her closet

A 16-year-old girl has a secret passageway hidden in her closet and it leads straight to a teenage dream. 

Jaylie’s hidden room first went viral in 2019 when she posted its early beginnings to her TikTok jaylie.holte. The initial video showed the mysterious room when it was still a barebones, work in progress. In September, Jaylie provided an update on the covetable space and it looks even better. 

The clip starts with Jaylie opening the doors to her rather innocuous brown closet. She pushes the clothing hanging on the rack aside to reveal a concealed door. Jaylie turns the knob and it’s not Narnia, but it’s still pretty darn cool. It might even be the perfect getaway for a teen. There’s a mandala wall tapestry, flat-screen TV, string lights, a cozy bed and a couple of side tables. 

The video scored over 33.7 million views on TikTok. 

“I need me one of those,” one user said

“This is so cool. I’d love this!” another wrote

“This is literally my dream,” someone added

While this secret room was clearly made for Jaylie to have a cozy nook, people throughout history have built homes with hidden areas for numerous reasons. Sometimes it’s a whimsical preference, a panic room or for concealed storage. 

One notable example is former Singer Sewing Machine Company president Frederick G. Bourne’s Singer Castle in New York. He filled his manor with secret passages so that, according to urban legends at least, he could spy on his guests during lavish parties. Bourne just wanted gossip!

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