Teenage boys collapse into tears the second they see new baby brother: ‘A true testament to how these boys were raised’

Two teenage boys are going viral for their emotional reaction to meeting their new baby brother, and TikTok is crying right along with them.

When mom Perla (@fivedotmom) posted the touching footage to her TikTok, she quickly gained over 3 million views and thousands of comments.

And now, like this 15-year-old caught on the baby monitor taking care of his little sister at 1 a.m., the emotional clip is touching hearts all across TikTok.

In the video, mom Perla is lovingly holding her newborn baby boy when her older son walks in.

At first, the teen doesn’t seem very emotional — but as soon as he lays eyes on his tiny baby brother, he breaks down, even having to remove his glasses to wipe away the tears.

Soon after, Perla’s younger son walks in — and, just like his big brother, he begins to cry the moment he sees the newborn.

TikTokers were touched by the boys’ tender show of affection and their obvious love for their family.

‘They’ll make amazing dads someday.’

Thousands of comments came pouring in, all expressing how moved users were by the video.

“I shouldn’t be watching while at work. I’m crying with y’all. Such a beautiful family! Baby brother is truly loved!” one user shared.

“Wow, those are some sweet boys. They’ll make amazing dads some day. What a lucky little brother!” another user wrote.

“This is the sweetest video I’ve seen in a long time,” commented another user.

“A true testament to how these boys were raised! Congratulations on your latest addition to this already loving family!” wrote one user.

As made evident by the emotional footage, this family has nothing but love for one another — and judging by the comments, that show of love is exactly what TikTokers needed to see!

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