Teenager calls out mom after her overwhelming babysitting request: ‘Not your responsibility’

A 19-year-old is fed up with babysitting her 12-year-old little brother. 

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum after telling her mom her brother wasn’t her responsibility. The unemployed teenager was saddled with looking after her brother while he was homeschooled due to the pandemic. The only trouble was her brother isn’t exactly well-behaved.

“My mom is a single mom and an essential worker, she works in a special needs school and at the moment they really need her to be in at least three days a week,” the Reddit poster said. “This means my brother is allowed to attend school those three days a week. However, recently my brother has demanded that he gets to stay home like everyone else because his friends aren’t at school and it’s no fun and he’d rather homeschool. So she’s let him.”

The sister is immunocompromised and can’t work, so her mother assumed she would be able to look after her brother. 

“Even when she is home his behavior is disgusting,” the sister wrote. “He yells and calls her every name under the sun and is loud. My mom received an angry phone call today saying that my brother has not been attending his online classes and has not been doing any work at all. She tried to talk to him and said maybe he’ll need to go back to school and he said, you can’t make me I’ll just run off and skip school and then called her a b****. I said ‘please send him back to school. I am not childcare for him and he doesn’t do any schoolwork or listen to me and he’s so loud I can’t cope’ She said […] I do nothing for her and I should be nicer to my brother because I’m a horrible sister.”

Reddit users sided with the sister on this one. 

“He’s not your responsibility,” one person said.

“She can’t get him under control and somehow wants you to get him under control?” another wrote

“He sounds like a brat,” someone said

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