Dad shares emotional response to daughter’s ‘incredible’ surprise gift: ‘That just broke my heart’

A man and his stepdaughter are going viral on Reddit, thanks to an “incredible” moment six years in the making.

The heartwarming moment, which was shared on the website’s r/aww forum, shows the moment that the unnamed stepdad opens a Father’s Day present from his teenage stepchild, Sophia.

According to the post, Sophia would wake up every morning for middle school with a Post-it note on her door, always containing some sort of inspiring message from her stepfather.

That was six years ago. Apparently, the stepdad believed his notes had long since been thrown away — which is why he was beyond surprised to learn that Sophia had kept every single one.

In the clip, which has been upvoted more than 120,000 times on Reddit, the man opens his Father’s Day gift to find each of his handwritten notes, held in a large frame with a photo of him and his daughter in the center.

The stepdad tears open his present and quickly tears up as he realizes what’s inside. Choked up, he asks his daughter if they’re the same notes from her childhood.

“Yeah, I kept them all,” Sophia answers.

The minute-long clip seemed to have a strong effect on several Reddit users, many of whom shared emotional praise in the posts’s comment section.

“Love this!!!! Love his reaction as soon as he saw it. And really says something about their relationship that she saved them all those years!!!” one user commented.

“That just broke my heart a little,” another added.

“Those thoughtful dad gifts hit harder than anything in life,” another wrote.

Others used the video as a chance to discuss the bond between a stepparent and their stepchild, with many agreeing that biology has little to do with forming such an important family bond.

“That’s not a stepdad of any kind. That’s is just a loving dad,” one user wrote.

“Stepdad my a*** — that is her DAD in every way that counts!” another added.

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