Teenager calls out parenting contradictions in hilarious TikTok series

A teenager is earning plenty of praise after creating clips criticizing the seemingly contradictory ways some parents enforce household rules.

The clips, shared on TikTok by a user named Myah Elliott, are part of a series she calls “Things Parents Need To Understand.” In her videos, the 19-year-old shares her experience navigating common clashes kids have with their parents — ranging from bedroom privacy and curfews to eating your vegetables.

One particularly popular video, which has earned more than 650,000 views, features Elliott complaining about her parents’ apparently hypocritical stance on household chores.

“Let me get this straight. When we say you need to knock on the door before coming into our room, you say, ‘Well this is my house and it’s my rules,'” she says. “But when it’s time to clean the house, all of a sudden it’s our house too. Which one is it Deborah? You’ve gotta pick a side.”


what else do parents need to understand? comment!! ##dearparents ##yomrants ##rant ##rants

♬ original sound – myah.elliott

The TikToker’s comical tone and relatable problems seemed to strike a chord with many users her age, as thousands of commenters have weighed in to praise her critiques.

“Say it louder!” one user wrote.

“I only hear facts,” another added.

In another clip, Elliott questions her parents’ inconsistent use of her curfew, which she says largely disappeared after she graduated from high school. However, she notes that her parents will occasionally text her “out of nowhere” to tell her she needs to be home “by curfew.”

“Why is it that parents just get to decide when a rule is in effect and when it’s not?” she asks in the clip. “If you’re gonna make a rule for us to follow, stick by that rule and don’t just bring it up because you feel like being strict all of a sudden.”


can anyone relate? comment some things parents need to understand! ##dearparents ##yomrants ##rant ##rants

♬ original sound – myah.elliott

“Can anyone relate?” she asked in the video’s caption.

It seemed as though several TikTokers could certainly relate. Many weighed in to share similar stories, calling the “inconsistent” rules “disrespectful” and “controlling.”

“Literally yesterday my parents were like, be home by 2, and I’ve never had a curfew ever!” one user wrote.

“My parents really always think they are right,” another added.

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