Teenager covers bedroom in Post-It Notes and aluminum foil for elaborate TikTok stunts

The great thing about TikTok is that there’s an audience for pretty much everything.

Some people go on TikTok to hear people sing. Some users enjoy watching content creators perform the latest dance trend. Others, meanwhile, prefer to watch silly prank and stunt videos that involve amusing, over-the-top antics.

TikTok creator maksm_03’s videos easily fall into the “silly prank and stunt” category. The 17-year-old has amassed a following of more than 130,000 by pranking his family members, wreaking havoc around town and covering rooms in his house with Post-It Notes, balloons and aluminum foil.

In an interview with In The Know, Maks explained that he puts a lot of time, thought and effort into all of his videos.

“For most [of] my pranks and bets I have a brainstorm session and write down ideas for the future and eventually make them become a reality,” he explained.

Though the teenager often makes a mess around the house for the sake of content, he says that his family is fully supportive of his TikTok career.

“My family sees my passion in recording funny clips and sharing the bets and they support me and wish the best for me,” he explained.

In of Maks’ most popular videos, the teenager makes a bet with his dad that his video of his bedroom covered wall-to-wall in aluminum foil will go viral. If it doesn’t, Maks promises to delete TikTok because his dad thinks he wastes too much time on it.

Thankfully, Maks’ elaborate bet paid off. His video — which he says required two days of preparation — has received nearly 400,000 views and more than 73,000 likes from both supporters and people who admittedly just “feel bad.”

Though Maks has been consistently building his fan base, some of his videos draw criticism from commenters who think he should be focusing on school and other more serious pursuits.


College just isn’t for everyone so will appreciate everyone that helps💙 #lol #funny #lmao #viral

♬ Backyard Boy – Claire Rosinkranz

In one video, Maks and his dad made a bet that if his video went viral, he would be allowed to drop out of college. That video didn’t get nearly as much attention as the aluminum foil stunt, but it did receive many comments from concerned users who thought Maks should stay in school no matter what.

“Even if this blows up don’t drop out of college it is really important for you” one person said.

“Stay in school. You’ll regret it if you don’t but it’s your choice,” another user added.

“Don’t do it you need to get a job,” a third person commented.

Maks doesn’t seem all that concerned, though. In response to the comments, he noted that “college isn’t for everyone.” Plus, as he continues to grow his following, he sees nothing but potential ahead of him.

“The bigger I get, the crazier the videos will be!”

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