Teenager left stunned after receiving life-changing email from dream school: ‘I’m crying’

A mother is celebrating her son’s success after he was accepted into his first choice college.

Dr. Karsonya “Kaye” Wise Whitehead is a radio host, activist and associate professor of communication and African and African American studies at Loyola University Maryland.

In December, Dr. Whitehead posted a video of the moment her son Amir discovered he got into Lafayette College. Amir sat with his laptop open as he read the results. Then came a burst of joy.

“I got in. I got in,” Amir said, literally jumping up and down in pure joy. “Oh my goodness!”

Not only was he accepted into his top choice, but he will also join the school as a D1 Foil Fencer.

“I think all parents can understand why I’m up crying right now,” Dr. Whitehead wrote in the caption. “After 14 years of school, countless hours of practice, nights spent praying for him … yesterday my baby boy got into his first choice and will be a D1 Foil Fencer in college!”

She explained in a later post that making a college fencing team is no small feat.

“There are approximately 5,300 colleges and universities in America. Only 21 of them offer a D1 Fencing Program for Men,” Dr. Whitehead wrote. “Each team typically has only 12 to 14 members in three related combat areas: the foil, the épée, and the sabre. The competition for one of these spots is fierce. Amir’s specialty weapon is the foil. He has been working, planning, dreaming, training, hoping and praying for this day since he started fencing at the age of 9. Come celebrate with me because even in the darkest moments, realized dreams bring the light.”

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