Teenager enrages parents after rejecting their ‘unfair’ birthday party plans: ‘I’m so mad’

A teenager doesn’t want to share a birthday party with her little sister and her parents are upset. 

She consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. The 15-year-old and her 12-year-old sister have birthdays a month apart. Her parents couldn’t afford two separate parties this year and wanted to have one for both of them.

The Reddit poster decided she didn’t want to have a party and thought her sister should have it solo. But her parents are still pushing for the double birthday party. 

“The other night my parents told me they couldn’t afford for both of us to have birthday parties (or in my case have a night at a movie with some friends and a sleepover after) so they have decided we should celebrate together, at the house, with her friends and mine,” the Reddit poster said.

“I’ll be 16 and she’ll be 13. That sounds like a hellish birthday celebration. Hanging around a bunch of 12/13 year old’s and my sister annoying me the whole time. Every birthday she insists on me playing with her or bouncing her in the bounce house. And if it’s supposed to be about me too then I don’t want that stuff. So I told my parents it was okay, I didn’t need to celebrate. I’d rather just let it be her birthday party.” 

The Reddit poster’s parents weren’t exactly thrilled by her decision. 

“They’re pissed because my sister was so excited by the idea (they told her a week before me) and now I’ve said no and she was already expecting it,” the Reddit poster wrote.

“They’re also pissed because I showed no excitement. They asked if there was any way to change my mind. I said what about just a sleepover for me separate from the joint party and they said no, but why not have my friends sleepover that night after the party since my sister will be doing the same. We did that once. Just two regular sleepovers, and my sister and her friends took over the whole thing and wouldn’t stop bugging us.”

Reddit agreed that it didn’t seem fair

“It’s unfair,” someone commented.

“I’m so mad at your parents for you,” another said

“They should have asked you before making promises to your sister,” a user wrote

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