Teenager gets ‘a sign’ from the universe during randonauting session

Though many people end up having weird and scary experiences while randonauting, it is also possible to set a positive intention and have a good experience.

That’s exactly what TikTok user hopchipndlie did when she decided to go randonauting. The teen had just made the decision to attend her state school — Kansas University — over her dream school, and she was looking for “closure.”

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, “randonauting” is using a random number generator to come up with specific coordinates in your area to explore. Before generating numbers, users set an intention to influence the coordinates that are chosen. (More on that here.)

Well, after setting an intention, the Randonautica app took hopchipndlie to a “weird ass park.” At first, all she saw was a horse and some trees, but after looking more closely, she realized that “KU” was mowed into the field — the name of the school she chose to attend.

“KU is literally carved into the grass,” she says. “Um.”

People couldn’t believe how well the Randonautica app worked for the teen.

“That’s a sign if I’ve ever seen it,” one person said.

“I have goosebumps,” another user commented.

“It’s meant to beeee,” a third person added.

Even hopchipndlie seemed happy with the results of her randonauting session.

“The universe speaks bro,” she commented on her video.

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