Teenager heartbroken over parents’ ‘insensitive’ birthday party plans: ‘beyond ridiculous’

A woman and her ex-husband are in a spat over their daughter’s birthday party. 

The mom asked for advice on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. Her ex-husband Paul has a child, Ollie, with his new partner Becky. Ollie was born one day after the birthday of Paul and the Reddit poster’s daughter. The two children are, however, 11 years apart. The issue arose when Paul decided to host Ollie’s birthday on the same day as his daughter’s birthday. 

“My children spend every other weekend at their dad’s,” she wrote. “My daughter is about to turn 13 shortly, and it falls on Paul’s weekend. Ollie and my daughter have an 11-year age gap, and Ollie was born the day after my daughter’s birthday. We hoped that as the two children were born on different days, that there would be no problems.” 

But Paul and Becky had other plans for Ollie’s second birthday. 

“Paul and Becky have decided to have a birthday party for Ollie on my daughter’s birthday and also celebrate hers on the same day,” she explained. “My daughter was very unhappy that she will turn 13 and has to go to a toddler’s party and asked to stay home that weekend and have a sleepover with her friends instead. I have contacted Paul to see if this is OK and he had a go at me for messing with the plans.” 

Reddit users thought Paul was in the wrong here.

“Your ex is insensitive,” one person commented.

“Expecting a 13-year-old to want to celebrate her birthday with a toddler is beyond ridiculous,” another said

“How can he possibly think she wants to share a birthday with a toddler, at the brink of her teens?” a user asked

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