Teenager loses college fund over ‘unhinged’ family conflict: ‘That’s unacceptable’

A Reddit user is withholding their niece’s college fund after she tried to steal their dog.

The person went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” and shared the bizarre incident. When the user’s sister and niece found out the poster fed their dog vegan food, the women tried to steal it. 

“I have a college fund set up for my 16-year-old niece, which currently has about $60,000 in it,” the user explained. “My sister (her mom) was visiting the house yesterday with my niece. At one point I was feeding Jupiter, who is my dog. My niece started interrogating me when she saw the bag of dog food and noticed that it was vegan. I do in fact feed him vegan dog food with the full blessing of the veterinarian and under the supervision of a veterinary nutritionist. My sister then joined in on this interrogation, so I just asked them both to leave.”

The user went upstairs as the pair got their belongings.

“When I looked out the window, I noticed that they grabbed Jupiter and were about to drive off with him!” the user wrote. “I immediately dashed downstairs and out the door, stopping them in time before they went off. I managed to get Jupiter back and they were both screaming at me about how I don’t ‘deserve’ him. As a result of this incident, I have decided to revoke my niece’s college fund, informing them of this fact this morning. I then received a very long and unhinged barrage of texts from my sister, telling me that she is going to sue me for all of the money in the college fund despite the fact that there was never any contract.” 

Reddit users thought keeping the college fund was reasonable.

“Someone tried to steal your pet! Family or not, that’s unacceptable,  someone said

“They had absolutely no right to try to take your dog,” another wrote

“Your sister and her daughter have completely lost the plot,” a user commented

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