Teenager taken aback by older sister’s ‘toxic’ accusation: ‘The blame is on her’

A teenager and her older sister are arguing over Sriracha hot sauce. 

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to see which sibling was in the right. The issue is that the 18-year-old and her 27-year-old sister have different food preferences. She likes spicy foods, her sister does not. The rest of the family is similarly divided so they usually prepare a spicy and non-spicy version of every meal. However, the older sister kept accidentally eating the spicy version and getting upset about it. 

“My sister that lives with us does not like the spiciness of Sriracha or anything with a small level of spice,” the teenager wrote. “Lately, I’ve been more at home instead of college or work (due to Covid-19 and online school) so I’ve gotten the chance to make more and eat more dishes at home. To be clear we always have clear readable labels that will say which one is the spicy and non-spicy container when we finish cooking the food.”

But this didn’t seem to deter the 27-year-old from eating the spicy-labeled food.

“My sister has eaten the wrong containers a few times already and has blamed it on me as well as the other family members,” she explained. “Again we’re not sure what else to write, but ‘spicy’ on it to help. And she’s been the only one that’s eaten the wrong dish a few times. She told us to stop making foods with the Sriracha, but we make the same amount where one portion is with the Sriracha and one is without. She doesn’t cook much as she eats instant easy prep meals for simple measures.”

Reddit sided with the younger sister on this one.

“She’s being petty and toxic, tell her to cook her own food if she doesn’t like it,” one user commented

“You are literally doing everything you possibly can to make it distinguishable. So the blame is on her,” another said.

“Your sister needs to take some responsibility for herself,” someone wrote.

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