Teen’s pig sanctuary looks like it’s the cutest place to work

Sometimes pigs need to be rescued too. 

Olivia Head might only be 17 years old, but she is the founder of Oinking Acres Farm, Rescue & Sanctuary. The Indiana nonprofit is devoted to rescuing farm animals like ducks, goats and especially pigs. Head created Oinking Acres after adopting her first pig at 14 and realizing she needed to create a haven for unwanted pigs. 

Many people adopt pigs when they are young because they’re cute and small. But eventually, the owners abandon the animals after they become 120 to 200 pounds

“I generally wish I did not have to do this and that there wasn’t a need for a pig rescue,” Head told WTHR. “I wish these animals weren’t bought. I wish they were not over bred and I wish they were not discarded as easily or commonly as they are.”

The charity’s Instagram is full of carefree potbellies pink, black, spotted and pale. 

There are numerous clips of the rescue’s massive resident swine Tee. The humungous, white pig with black spots can be seen sleeping in the grasscuddling with other pigs in the barn and getting scratches from Olivia

In one video, Tee the pig, after a much-needed haircut, gets a bath. An Oinking Acres worker wipes the chunky pig down with a rag as his wispy white hair blows in the summer breeze. 

Not every animal that’s brought to Oinking Acres stays there permanently. Over the past three years, the sanctuary brought in 193 pigs and re-homed 147 them. 

Getting to nuzzle and care for these intelligent and squishy animals is certainly a covetable position.

“I plan to do this. This is my calling,” Olivia said. “I know this is what I am here to do. So I will continue to rescue pigs until I am physically unable to do so.”

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