Teen’s TikTok video shows harmonica stuck in her mouth

A teenager is going viral after posting a video revealing the unthinkable reason she was forced to visit the hospital.

Mollie O’Brien, a high schooler from Ontario, Canada, posted the now-infamous video of herself to TikTok on Jan. 28, BuzzFeed reported. In it, the teen reveals what she simply calls the “bad thing” she’s done.

“I regret the thing I did … And you’re wondering what it is … Well… I shoved an entire harmonica in my mouth and it’s stuck now,” her video caption reads, revealing that she had in fact managed to get an entire instrument stuck inside her mouth.

O’Brien’s clip β€” which is just her third ever shared on the platform β€” has since received more than 7 million views, plus plenty of questions about both how the harmonica got trapped and how it was removed.

The high schooler revealed to BuzzFeed that she stuck the instrument in her mouth in order to entertain her younger cousin β€” but she quickly realized it would not come out.

 “After 30 minutes it hurt, but then it was kinda numb,” she told the outlet. “Every time I breathed heavily out of panic, it made a noise.”

She then told her mom about the incident, who, despite not being upset, “was shocked she raised such a weird kid.” The two quickly left for the hospital β€” where doctors recommended a dentist, who managed to pull the harmonica out with a special tool.

“Let’s not do this again, OK dear?” the dentist said, according to O’Brien.

TikTok users were seemingly obsessed with the incident, which thankfully had a happy and relatively pain-free ending. O’Brien’s video has now received nearly 20,000 comments β€” mainly from users who could barely believe what she did.

“THERE’S NO WAY THIS IS REAL … RIGHT,” one user commented.


“I thought I read the caption wrong … I guess I didn’t,” one more added.

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