Teething just got a whole lot easier thanks to these affordable products

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Teething is always a difficult time for children and parents.

In this episode of In The Know’s Parenting Wins hosts Andrea and Jose share their favorite products to make the phase a little less stressful for both parties. 

“Your baby will start teething at three months to 12 months, maybe even later,” Jose said. “If they start drooling or if there is some redness around the mouth, it’s possible they’re teething.” 

1. Banana Baby Toothbrush Teether

This adorable banana-shaped toothbrush helps to massage teeth and gums while its large handle prevents choking. 

“It’s super soft and gentle on the teeth and the gums,” Jose explained. “And you know what? Your kids are learning oral hygiene which is super important. It’s a toy, it’s a teether and it’s made out of silicone so it’s dishwasher safe.”

2. Boppy Teething Scarf

The teething scarf is, as Jose said, “fashion-forward” but also functional. It’s held together with a discreet silicone teething ring that your baby can chew on. 

“I love this. For me, when I finally get to the point I’m ready to venture outside of the house, I put on some silk or something nicer,” Andrea said. “I learned from experience that’s not always the best idea with a newborn teething baby.” 

3. Babyganics Gel Teething Pods

These benzocaine-free teething pods with plant-based ingredients provide a numbing and calming effect.

“It has clove oil, organic coconut oil and organic stevia which means it’s free of benzocaine and free of dyes,” Jose said. “All you have to is just take a little bit, rub it on the gums and teeth and that’s where the magic happens.”

In 2018, the FDA issued a consumer warning against using benzocaine in teething products because it can cause the life-threatening condition, methemoglobinemia. So it’s best to steer clear of it!

4. Nuby Icy Bite Ring Teether

“I just always have these on standby,” Andrea remarked. “You just throw ’em in your freezer. The coolness gives them such a relief.”

The small nodules on the teethers give a massage-like effect on the gums which helps to make way for your little one’s sprouting baby teeth. 

5. Infant Tylenol

When all else fails, all you can do is treat your baby’s pain. Be sure to consult your healthcare provider because Tylenol contains acetaminophen, especially if giving to children under two years of age.

“It’s OK to give your baby a little bit of infant Tylenol,” Jose said. “This one comes in grape flavor which is fantastic.”

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