This TikTok filter lets you ‘travel’ anywhere in the world

On TikTok, you can animate objects and turn yourself into art. And now, the app is letting users teleport.

The teleport effect lets TikTokers virtually transport themselves into new surroundings — and it’s taking over the platform.

The #teleport tag currently has 4.2 billion views on TikTok. Below, learn how to use the teleport filter on TikTok.

What exactly is the teleport challenge?


I know my outfit needs ironing… but this #quarantine got me lazy #lockdown #placestovisit #australia #fyp


All of the teleport challenge videos typically have the same format: the user waves their hand and “teleports” from one place to another.

With people stuck inside all over the world amid the global pandemic, TikTokers are loving the momentary escape — even if it’s just contained to their phones.

How to use the teleport effect on TikTok

Teleporting on TikTok is pretty simple and only takes a few steps.

First, click the “+” button to make a new video on TikTok. Head to the “effects” button and tap the yellow teleport filter.

Once selected, you can choose photos from your camera roll or from the available locations in the effect. The photo you pick will be the place you “teleport” to, so choose wisely.

Finally, keeping your body in the frame as you record, hold your palm out (it won’t work if you don’t) and teleport.

Some teleportation inspiration

TikToker @mzg33h teleported to Disneyland with her filter. 

Kevin Bubolz and his dog used the filter to make an appearance on Dancing with the Stars.

“It’s a ten from me,” one person said

“Omg soo cool!” another wrote.

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