Latest TikTok trend has millennials revealing their true colors

Millennials — TikTok’s most unwelcome guests — are showing themselves on the platform and the results are a little too nostalgic for this old editor.

TikTok user @thecorporatemama started the trend in a clip where she asked her followers to “tell me you’re a millennial without telling me that you’re a millennial.”

TikTok millennials came out of the woodwork to reply, sharing memories from the late ’90s and early ’00s that, until this very moment, still felt like a fever dream.

For instance, user @tamrakelly0 shared a video of herself folding a paper fortune teller while Hanson’s “MMMBop” played softly in the background.

“Who wants to play?” she captioned the video.

Will she end up living with her billionaire husband in a rusty trailer, or with 1,000 children in a mansion under the sea? To be determined.

Another user, @yourfuture.exwife, shared a video of herself layering the ever-living daylight out of her three tops, as any good Millennial would do.

User @justme.rod probably took the cake here, with a simple drawing of THE “S.”

And, of course, there was @andrealizcan‘s take on the prompt, in which she showed off her very empty wallet.

Probably shouldn’t have spent all that money on avocado toast.

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