TikTok user shares video of terrifying encounter with another car on the road

Do you ever get the feeling you’re being watched?

This TikTok user in Shoreline, Wash., had a hunch one night that she and her boyfriend were being followed by another driver. She was right.

Lizzymwong captured footage of a mysterious car trailing her and shared it with her followers, as well as with the police.

She said that after she dropped her friend off at her apartment and returned to her boyfriend’s vehicle, a man started following them in his car and flashing his lights at them.

“I honestly was panicking,” she wrote in the caption of her first video of the encounter.

The footage shows a car trailing lizzymwong and her boyfriend closely on the road for what she said was 20 minutes. The driver repeatedly flashed his lights at them three times in a row.

“Every time we stopped at a red light, he started to get a good look at us,” the TikTok user explained in the video. She can be heard panicking throughout, repeating “oh my god” over and over again.

Toward the end of the video, police appear behind them and trail the man following them, who runs red lights and refuses to pull over.

The video ends there, but lizzymwong has shared at least five follow-up videos so far to explain what happened.

“I did get home and I am OK,” she said in the first.

In another video, she shared what happened when the police pulled both her boyfriend and the other car over.

It’s easy to see that lizzymwong was extremely frightened when a police officer walked up to the vehicle.

“Why are the cops pulling us over,” she said in the video. “He was following us and I don’t know why.”

In a later video, she explained that the police began following the man behind them because his headlights were off.

She admitted that she was panicking the whole time, but the police simply told her that the man had been arrested and that he either thought they were someone else or was “a little off.” She didn’t buy it, though.

“I honestly think he was trying to murder us,” she said in a video.

Lizzymwong also sent the videos from the incident to the police. Her initial video garnered more than 18 million views in just over a day, while the follow-ups have each cracked 1 million.

Many commenters told her that the man was following them and flashing his lights because she was in some kind of danger, but a few disagreed.

“I think it’s a little weird that everyone is playing this off as, ‘oh he probably was trying to tell her she was in danger.’ When he was the danger,” one user wrote.

“If this ever happens to you or you feel unsafe. DRIVE. TO. THE. NEAREST. POLICE. OR. FIRE. STATION. They’ll help you. And the station will deter them,” another warned.

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