Mom claims 10-month-old accidentally spent $10,000 on Tesla upgrade

A mom recently stunned TikTok by claiming that her 10-month-old baby somehow bought a $10,000 upgrade for her Tesla.

User @stayfitstaylit alleged in a video that the infant bought a self-driving package through the Tesla app that became nonrefundable after 48 hours. Unfortunately for her, she didn’t know about the bank purchase until she was going through bank statements days later.


Well our son decided we needed the self driving package we debated on before 🥲😬💀 #tesla #teslaworld #ohno #foryou #fyp

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

The total amounted to $10,837.50.

“Why isn’t there a password or security measure before you could make this purchase?” @stayfitstaylit asked in the clip.

Viewers could not believe the story was real and couldn’t believe someone didn’t notice a $10,000 charge for several days.

“LMAO this is CAP,” one person wrote, alleging a lie.

“It’s not,” @stayfitstaylit replied.

“My guy just flexing that he spent 10K and ‘didn’t even notice,'” another joked.

“That’s a smart baby,” a commenter pointed out.

Others pointed out that @stayfitstaylit should call customer service to get a refund because it was an accidental purchase.

According to CNBC, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has filed lawsuits in the past calling in-app purchases by young children unauthorized if made “without consent.” Depending on whatever bank @stayfitstaylit uses, her 10-month-old buying the upgrade could count as an “unauthorized purchase.”

But, according to the TikTok’s caption, it seems as though @stayfitstaylit and her husband were already debating whether they would buy the package — the 10-month-old just made the decision himself.

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