TikTokers are realizing they overcomplicated things thanks to another viral Bo Burnham song

Another Bo Burnham bop has become a TikTok meme where the painful but obvious truth is… a scarecrow. 

Once you hear the millennial comedian drop the line “that is a scarecrow,” you won’t be able to get it out of your head. The country song was featured on his 2016 album Make Happy but is seeing a resurgence of interest thanks to TikTokers. People have turned a small segment from the comedy track into a full-blown trend. 

What does “that is a scarecrow” mean on TikTok? 


Reply to @hybrid_fam870 I won’t be taking suggestions for a while because I already have quite a few I promised to do. #boburnham#pandering

♬ that is a scarecrow – ☕️ Mochadrift

TikToker @mochadrift uploaded a snippet of the comedian’s song “Country Song (Pandering)” on TikTok. 

“Good girl, in a straw hat, with her arms out in a cornfield,” Burnham sang. “That is a scarecrow.” 

Now people use the latter half of the lyrics to describe something in an overly complicated way and the punchline (“That is a scarecrow”) to reveal what the thing is in actuality.

Examples of the “That is a scarecrow” TikTok trend

“I hate when I’m eating meat and suddenly I’m disgusted by it, you know?” @gabs_kg said in the meme. “That is not normal.” 

“Me wanting to be born a girl so I could like women in a gay way,” @itsdaniphobia joked in a video. “That is a trans thought.” 

“I just got this new German shepherd dog mix puppy but she’s so crazy and won’t stop biting us like an insane gremlin,” @archerthemaligator wrote in a caption. “That is a Belgian Malinois.” 

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