Who is That Vegan Teacher? The animal rights activist has been called ‘toxic’

An animal rights activist known as That Vegan Teacher seems to stir up controversy with everything she does — and she has since been banned

The influencer’s real name is Kadie Karen Diekmeyer and she had about 1.7 million TikTok followers before her account was suspended. Diekmeyer is known for promoting a vegan lifestyle by using polarizing tactics. 

Who is That Vegan Teacher?


Diekmeyer became popular in 2020 after the elementary school teacher’s friend encouraged her to join the platform. 

She rose to fame thanks to her calm, relaxing videos and folk songs about veganism. However, some of her songs are less cheery and more graphic, profanity-laden rants about factory farming — not exactly family-friendly.

She’s faced a number of controversies since launching her TikTok channel.

Some feel that Diekmeyer’s method of essentially shaming meat-eaters isn’t an effective way to recruit vegans. 

In February 2021, Diekmeyer was called out by members of the LGBTQIA+ community due to offensive comments.

“Coming out as a vegan animal rights activist — as someone who cares beyond themself — is much more special than it is to come out as a member of the LGBTQ community. Coming out as a member of the LGBTQ community is an entirely selfish act. It’s talking about you only,” Diekmeyer said, according to Pink News

YouTube commentator D’Angelo Wallace even called out Diekmeyer in a video “TikTok’s terrifying vegan teacher lives a double life.”

Wallace said Diekmeyer compared “veganphobia” to other (real) forms of bigotry like racism and sexism. He referred to a TikTok where Diekmeyer asked, “Do you know how your ancestors were treated? Enslaved and murdered? Do you not know what they do to the animals right now?” 

She has also come under fire for suggesting people from meat-eating religions abandon their faiths. 

Many feel That Vegan Teacher isn’t portraying veganism very well.

Vegans regularly critique Diekmeyer for not being the best messenger of their admirable cause to help animals and the environment. Vegans at The Mycenean and The Startup have deemed Diekmeyer “toxic.” 

There were rumors That Vegan Teacher got arrested in 2021, but there doesn’t seem to be any evidence it actually happened.

Diekmeyer claimed to be at home the whole time after an unfounded rumor spread that she was arrested in January. 

On Jan. 21. she addressed the speculation on TikTok according to Distractify, singing, “Apparently I’ve been arrested. Apparently, I’m in jail. Apparently, there’s some article about me in the Daily Mail,” That Vegan Teacher sang in the video.” 

That Vegan Teacher was banned from TikTok in February 2021.

Diekmeyer’s page was taken down Feb. 22 and now shows a “couldn’t find this account” message that notes she was banned for “multiple community guideline violations.”

The exact reason she was banned is not known for sure, but she’s been known to consistently try to convince popular TikTokers to go vegan.

Most recently, she focused on YouTuber TommyInIt, one of the fastest-growing Minecraft content creators. A Twitter user shared one of her videos in which she made a suggestive joke about Tommy, who is 16 years old.

Hours after being banned, Diekmeyer shared a long video to YouTube addressing her suspension from the platform. According to Insider, she said she’s glad she’s no longer a teacher, and her account was banned because of a “group of teenage boys.”

She did not address her remarks toward Tommy, but instead blamed her bad reputation on the fact she made people “feel that guilt” about eating meat.

“They cut the head off the most prominent animal rights activist on the app, the most well-known. The most hated, but the most well-known,” she said in the video. “But I’m still here and I’m not going to stop. ” 

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