TikTok users are rejecting the newer versions of their childhood favorites through song

People on TikTok are lamenting their ruined childhoods thanks to a song from a mockumentary. 

Over the past decade, we’ve seen an endless slew of reboots. Everything from iCarly to Sex and the City and Spider-Man to Powerpuff Girls has gotten a modern reimagining. Some people aren’t too keen on the new versions of their old favorites — and they’re using a hilarious song to prove it. 

A song from #HoodDocumentary goes viral on TikTok

Most people will recognize the meme of a man tapping his temple and smirking. It usually circulates as a GIF. The man is actor Kayode Ewumi and the meme is from the 2016 BBC Three web series #HoodDocumentary, a mockumentary that follows the fictional rapper Roll Safe and his wacky adventures. 

A different clip of Roll Safe has now become a TikTok meme. The user @teqfla uploaded a soundbite of Roll Safe’s comedic rapping. 

“Back in the day, me and you baby, we used to have fun / until you delivered that baby, look that’s not my son!” Roll Safe rapped

The audio has over 63,000 videos associated with it. The sound is being used to mock reboots of nostalgic properties or celebrate the original versions. 


Reply to @lilliahaylock WHY OH WHY

♬ original sound – teqfla

User @sophygrier didn’t approve of the new version of Dora the Explorer one bit. 


Reply to @xxbluurrxx movies not out yet but why do they have to remake it like why #fyp #foryoupage #homealone #trending

♬ original sound – teqfla

The new Home Alone reboot received much of @danyalllx’s ire. 

TikToker @saskiaeyre used the audio to pay homage to an old dog walker Barbie doll that came with dog poop as an accessory. 


The strawberry shortcake lip balm 😫🍓 #ForYou #NewZealand

♬ original sound – teqfla

Meanwhile, @sarah.seddon was all about the throwback Strawberry Shortcake lip balms. 

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