The 5 most expensive cities for a bachelorette weekend

It always seems like some of the best stories start with “One time, at this bachelorette party…” 

It’s no secret that bachelorette and bachelor party weekends always guarantee a good time — but they usually also guarantee a pretty large price tag. While two nights in a hotel and roundtrip airfare will definitely set you back a nice chunk of change, once you tack on food, drinks and any extra entertainment to the bill, your credit card statement can quickly turn into a point of stress. 

But thanks to a 2018 study from Upgraded Points, we can now narrow down the top five most expensive (and least expensive!) USA cities to book for a bachelor or bachelorette 3-day weekend!

While the study shares that “the national average for a weekend party trip is $1,400,” each city varies based on hotels, food, drinks, airfare and show tickets. While it’s no surprise that New York City tops the most expensive list, we didn’t expect to see Las Vegas on the least expensive list!

New York, New York.
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Most expensive bachelorette cities:

  1. New York, NY: $1,958
  2. San Francisco, California: $1,815
  3. Washington, D.C.: $1,599
  4. Boston, Massachusetts: $1,590
  5. Chicago, Illinois: $1,531
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Least expensive bachelorette cities:

  1. Milwaukee, Wisconsin: $1,161
  2. Las Vegas, Nevada: $1,175
  3. Phoenix, Arizona: $1,198
  4. Memphis, Tennessee: $1,211
  5. Key West, Florida: $1,259

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