The AeroPress brews a perfect cup of coffee without the bitterness

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Say goodbye to coffee-induced heartburn with the AeroPress.

Longtime inventor Alan Adler created the AeroPress after studying the coffee brewing process and analyzing coffee maker designs. The easy-to-use device brews low-acidic coffee with rich flavor and none of the bitterness.

While a traditional drip coffee maker uses gravity to pull hot water through a coffee ground-filled filter, the AeroPress works a bit differently. Instead of gravity, it uses air pressure generated by your hand.

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Just add finely ground coffee into the chamber and place it on the rim of your coffee cup. Add hot water and stir for about 10 seconds. Then insert the plunger and gently press down. This process forces the water through the coffee grounds, rather than waiting for it to absorb the coffee like in a drip.

The longer the coffee is soaked the more the hot water absorbs unwanted chemicals that make it taste bitter and acidic. Thus, the expediency of the AeroPress prevents the chemicals, namely quinic acid and furfuryl alcohol, from entering the brew.

Because the AeroPress uses a higher pressure, not only are the unwanted chemicals left behind, but more of the desirable, flavorful chemicals make their way into your cup. Overall, this makes for a much tastier, smoother brew.

Not to mention, this simplified extraction process forces out most of the water, making the device easier to clean than espresso machines. The AeroPress is ideal for home, travel and it can brew one to three cups in about a minute.

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