The Atlanta Alpaca Treehouse is ‘the Ritz-Carlton’ of treehouses

The Atlanta Alpaca Treehouse might be your next dream vacation house.

The Airbnb rental is tucked away in an 80-year-old bamboo forest. You’d have no idea it was located right in the bustling Georgia city. Alpacas, llamas and other animals surround the dwelling made entirely of reclaimed wood.

Owner Kara O’Brien gave In The Know a tour of the surreal property.

“We have alpacas and llamas roaming around,” O’Brien said. “We have this beautiful vintage treehouse created from a collection of puzzle pieces from old houses and put together in such a way that it creates this artform you can stay in.”

The treehouse is home to three llamas, Dolly Llama, Figgy Llama and her son Opie Von Llamschild. There are several alpacas on the property as well: Paloma Piper, Caitlin Tastee, Elfie Fay Von Picklesprite, and Sunny Shevoun. While the animals are shy and don’t like petting much, they will approach anyone with carrots.

The treehouse, 15-feet above the forest floor, sleeps four guests. It’s stocked with all the necessary amenities for an overnight stay.

“We fancy ourselves the Ritz-Carlton of the treehouse world,” O’Brien said. “We have a mini-fridge and we stock it with beverages and Italian chocolates and snacks.”

A stay at the treehouse will cost you $375 a night for the one-of-a-kind experience.

“A lot of people just come here and they’re just from a mile away or maybe 3 miles away,” O’Brien told In the Know. “And they just bring a picnic. And they just want to soak up this atmosphere, feel like they’ve gotten on a plane and landed in Hawaii. But yet they’re just 3 miles from their house.”

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