The best parenting products to make dinnertime with the kids easy and less messy

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Parents know dinnertime can be chaotic. Sometimes just getting the kids to sit still without launching a piece of broccoli across the room is an achievement. 

In this episode of In The Know’s Parenting Wins, hosts Andrea and Jose share the best products to make your time around the dinner table easier — and less messy. 

  1. Food Parade Bapron

The Food Parade Bapron takes your average bib to the next level. It ties around the waist instead of the neck for safety and provides coverage all the way down to the knees. 

“Your spaghetti sauce is no match for this, baby,” Andrea said. “She is stain resistant. They’re made for toddler age all the way up to pre-school. I love that when you’re done with dinner time you can throw it in the wash and take it over to the craft table.” 

2. Boon Squirt Dispensing Spoon

This super modern device makes feeding your baby mess-free. It’s a spoon with a storage chamber that securely holds any puree. When it’s feeding time just squeeze the silicone chamber to release food into the spoon. 

“What I love about this is once you feed baby, you have absolutely no mess, no open containers that you’re trying to keep a hold of,” Andrea said. “No lids you have to find. It just keeps everything super contained.” 

3. Beaba Silicone Spoon

These spoons are perfect for when your kids transition into solid foods. Available in a variety of fun colors, the soft flexible silicone is designed to go easy on your little one’s gums. 

“They’re BPA-free, silicone, dishwasher safe, all of that,” Jose said. 

4. Munchkin Stay Put Suction Bowls

Say goodbye to spills with these impossibly hard to move suction bowls.

“How many times have you seen a soup fly across the room. Now you don’t even have to worry about that mess,” Jose joked.

These bowls are fitted with suction cups at the bottom that pretty much make them immovable (even by adults). Just pull on the easy release when dinner is over for quick cleanup in the dishwasher. 

5. HappyBaby Organics

“One thing that I think that has really advanced is that there’s this really great idea of getting really healthy products in your baby and making it convenient,” Andrea said.

These convenient GMO and certified organic puree pouches are convenient for parenting on the go. Best of all HappyBaby sneaks veggies into every pouch. Like the apples, spinach and kale pack or the pears, peas and broccoli flavor. 

“They specifically make their recipes blended for each age that your child is developing through and what the vitamins and minerals are that are needed for that age,” Andrea explained. 

6. Plum Organics 

Like HappyBaby, Plum also formulates its purees based on your baby’s age. In later stages, the pouches go beyond fruits and veggies to include meats and grains to prepare for solid foods 

“They’re four food group blends. There’s all different flavors, also really easy to digest and my kids are obsessed with these,” Jose said. 

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