The excellent trailer for ‘Bill and Ted 3: Face the Music’ is finally here

We love to see it! Bill and Ted are back with “Bill and Ted 3: Face the Music.” Alex Winters and Keanu Reeves have reprised their roles as the time-traveling airheads. The first trailer dropped for the trilogy’s new installment and it looks excellent, dudes. 

This time, Bill and Ted will go to the future to steal a song from their future selves. When the pair hits middle age, they realized their band Wyld Stallyns hasn’t achieved its singular goal of writing a song that will create world peace. So it’s off to the future again. But when Bill and Ted encounter themselves they’re comically ripped, prison inmates. 

While the trailer doesn’t share much about how the conflict will play out, what we do know is that the pair’s daughters are all grown up. Samara Weaving and Brigette Lundy-Paine will play Thea and Billie who accompany their fathers on the trip. 

Fans of the franchise can expect authenticity as creators Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon returned to write the script directed by Dean Parisot. The long-awaited film is set to hit theaters on August 21. 

“I’m gonna say the same thing I said in 1991: Take my money. I’ll see it. Even Steven Soderbergh says it’s cool,” one fan wrote on YouTube

“In these dark times, we need heroes, heroes like Bill and Ted. And they could not have arrived at a better time,” another said

“This is the most EXCELLENT trailer in the universe,” one added.

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