The biggest new game announcements from The Game Awards 2020

Multiple game studios dropped some big announcements at The Game Awards 2020. Over a dozen upcoming titles were confirmed, announced or teased during the ceremonies.

Here are some of the heavy hitters to keep your eyes on.

BioWare confirmed a new Mass Effect game

BioWare has not been doing well. Earlier this month, the studio announced that general manager Casey Hudson and executive producer Mark Darrah are leaving the company.

The fandom is shaken. Things aren’t looking good for Mass Effect fans.

But that still didn’t prevent me from fanboying over the new teaser. Watching Dr. Liara T’Soni digging out Commander Shephard’s iconic N7 visor gave me goosebumps.

Please, BioWare. Please make this game good.

Fight an elven god in the new Dragon Age game

BioWare had a double whammy prepared for The Game Awards 2020 with new teasers for Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

Dragon Age: Inquisition ended with a shocking twist: Solas, one of your very first party members, is the big bad guy. In fact, he turned out to be Fen’Harel, the ancient elven god of betrayal.

One could argue that Solas’ plan to “fix” the world is evil. He wants to tear down the Veil which separates the mortal world from the realm of magic, which could kill a lot of people in the process.

As someone who played as an elf in Dragon Age, I can tell you that Solas’ reasons are very complicated and even tragic. Be prepared for some brain-wrinkling moral conundrums, heartfelt dialogue and tough decisions in this game.

Back 4 Blood is Left 4 Dead’s spiritual sequel

The beloved Left 4 Dead series is, well, dead. Despite the franchise’s popularity, Valve hasn’t published a new L4D game since 2009.

Thankfully, L4D’s developer Turtle Rock is now making Back 4 Blood. If the big zombies in the trailer look really familiar to you, that’s completely intentional. Back 4 Blood is basically Left 4 Dead 3 in all but name.

If you enjoy horde coop games, Back 4 Blood is definitely a game to follow.

Ash Williams returns in Evil Dead: The Game

Hail to the king, baby.

Ash Williams is back in the upcoming Evil Dead: The Game. The characters seem to be a mish-mash of people from the movies and the TV series, judging by the trailer’s cast.

Perhaps best of all, Bruce Campbell reprised his role as Ash for this game. Boss Team Games described as having both “co-op and PvP action” in the trailer.

Ruined King: A League of Legends Story continues to expand the franchise

Riot Games has been expanding the League of Legends brands with various spin-off games. The upcoming Ruined King: A League of Legends Story is another new entry to the growing franchise.

It’s a story-driven tactical RPG, but more importantly, it’s Riot’s very first single-player game. Your party in the game will include Yassuo, Ahri, Pyke, Miss Fortune and other fan favorites from League.

No worrying about Elo hell with this one.

Joanna Dark enters the next generation with a new Perfect Dark

Rejoice, Nintendo 64 fans. Perfect Dark is coming back.

The unnamed sequel will be a reboot to the franchise, so if you’ve never played the series before, worry not. You’ll be starting on square one alongside the series veterans.

The Initiative, the studio helming the project, has described the game as an “Eco Sci-Fi,” which seems to track with the trailer. It depicts Joanna Dark watching a raging cyclone bombarding the Great Pyramids of Giza.

Cyclones aren’t supposed to happen in deserts, so clearly, something is very, very wrong.

Ark 2 has Vin Diesel fighting dinosaurs and interfacing with virtual computers

Ark II is the sequel to Ark: Survival Evolved, the multiplayer survival game with high-tech computers and dinosaurs. Judging by the trailer, Ark II is pretty much continuing that trend.

It also stars Vin Diesel which is 90 percent of the reason why I linked it here. Enjoy.

And that wraps it up for our top announcements from The Game Awards 2020. Stay safe and happy holidays!

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