The ‘I wonder who my boyfriend will be’ trend is here, and it’s a wholesome way Gen Zers are debuting their relationships

Are we even surprised? Gen Z has debuted yet another trend that’s captivating the hearts of many TikTok users.

Set to the tune of “Open Arms” by SZA, the “I wonder who my boyfriend will be trend” sees TikTokers posting a photo of their younger selves with the above phrase, followed by a childhood photo of their current partner with a statement like, “Me duhh.” Gen Z, which has no shortage of creative and swoon-worthy relationship trends, is showcasing yet another way to celebrate their relationships online.

Mercy (@mercylechuga) celebrated her boyfriend by partaking in the trend. Her video has more than 12 million views and 2.2 million likes in just two days of posting.

“he’s giving troy bolton,” one user wrote of her boyfriend.

“ONG THE FIRST PICTURE ‘she was a princess, he was a baller’ you both look so adorable,” another praised.

“THEIR KIDS WILL HAVE DIMPLES,” someone replied.

Chloe Teagan (@chloeeteagan) found the Batman to her Barbie.

“i need a bf immediately. js should do this,” someone wrote.

“Bros been Batman from day 1,” another joked.

“Barbie and Batman!” one user exclaimed.

TikTok user @ssukamangga also got in on the trend.

“this trend isnt over until I get to do it,” someone declared.

“omg you two looked adorable,” another wrote.

“By the time I’m taken this trend will be like 5 years ago,” a user admitted.

Paoli Baez (@future.cool_mom), on the other hand, found the race car driver to her cowgirl.

“Vanessa and zac efron vibess,” a user wrote, referencing Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron.

“I was scrolling through this trend and this is my favorite one,” another admitted.

“How do y’all have such good baby pics of yourselves I look like a gremlin in all mine,” someone joked.

Dusting off super-cute childhood photos as a means of debuting your partner on social media? We love to see it.

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