The International 2020 surpasses $34 million in prize pool

The International 2020 has surpassed $34 million in prize money, making it the largest prize pool for a single event in esports history.

Fans of Dota 2 will welcome this news but won’t be surprised by it. The International is the most prestigious tournament in Dota 2 and famous for being the most generous single event tournament in all of esports.

Thanks to Valve’s crowdfunding model, the five most lucrative esports tournaments of all time are all Internationals. Since 2013, the developer has released a battle pass where players gain access to special features and content with a buy-in. A portion of the sales made from the battle pass then get added to the prize pool.

The base prize pool for The International 10 (another name for The International 2020 since it’s the tenth tournament in the series) began at $1.6 million. As of August 2020, crowdfunding has propelled the total to $34 million.

This comes as no surprise for Dota 2 fans. Not only does The International hold the top five positions for largest prize pools in esports history, it’s done so in a streak. The International 10 has extended that streak to six years — and it hasn’t even finished crowdfunding yet.

The International has typically been held in the late summer, either in July or August, but TI10 has been suspended indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the meanwhile, TI10’s prize pool continues to grow alongside the hopes of fans who are eager to see their favorite teams compete on the world stage.

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