The Irwin family’s zoo just welcomed two baby giraffes

The Irwin family’s Australia Zoo announced the birth of two baby boy giraffes. The duo is named Talbert and Halbert, although they’re not biological brothers. Born from two different mothers after 15-month long pregnancies, the babies will grow up in the zoo together. 

Zookeepers were pleased with the new arrivals. After 30 minutes, the calves were already attempting to stand. The instinct is essential in their development to avoid predators in the wild. However, Talbert did have some veterinarians concerned. He was born with hyperextended legs, but they’ve since self-corrected and he is doing well. 

Born just short of 6.5-feet tall and weighing 100 pounds, the giraffes will join 11 others at the zoo. That includes the Guinness Book of World Records world’s tallest giraffe. Forest, a 12-year-old giraffe, stands at a little over 18 feet. The species in the wild is usually between 15 and 18 feet. The Irwin family celebrated Forest’s induction in July. 

‘”We are so proud of our towering guy, he has such a wonderful heart,” Bindi posted on Instagram

Giraffes are categorized as a vulnerable species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. But you can help care for Australia Zoo’s giraffes by adopting one

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