The Korean Vegan shares how going vegan has changed her life in unexpected ways

While sharing a mouthwatering peach cobbler recipe, one TikToker explained the unexpected ways in which going vegan has changed her life — and how it hasn’t.

Joanne L. Molinaro (@thekoreanvegan) is a chef who shares delicious vegan recipes on TikTok, with a focus on vegan Korean food. Molinaro recently posted a video explaining her insights into veganism, as she crafted her own tasty dessert.

The video begins with Molinaro showing off her finished peach cobbler, which is baked to golden brown perfection. “Wanna know what happened when I went vegan?” she asks. “Well, let me start with all the things that didn’t happen.”

“I didn’t lose 20 pounds …”

On screen, Molinaro begins to show how she made the peach cobbler. As she thinly slices peaches and seasons them with sugar and lemon juice, she explains that going vegan didn’t magically make all of her health problems go away. “I didn’t lose 20 pounds, I didn’t stop having headaches, my digestive issues didn’t all just disappear, and that persistent pimple I get on my chin didn’t stop making its monthly appearance,” she explains. 

Mixing flour and plant-based milk to make her dough, Molinaro shares that going vegan may have helped with some health issues, but she has very little evidence either way. “This rash I used to get in my left pit disappeared, and my cholesterol went way down,” she explains. “But the truth is, I have no idea whether those things are a result of going vegan or something else.”

So, how did going vegan change Molinaro’s life? “For me, here’s what I know happened as a result of going vegan. I started to more fully appreciate Korean food because I now needed to veganize it,” she explains. “I started to value my time with my parents and family, especially time that wasn’t centered around food. I started to do a lot more research on the impact that eating animals has on the climate, and I started the Korean Vegan, a place where I can share my food, stories and my family with all of you.”

As Molinaro removes her peach cobbler from the oven, she explains that being vegan is what you make of it. She explains, “At the end of the day, a plant-based burger isn’t going to change your life. You are.”

“This post is refreshing!”

Vegan and non-vegan viewers alike applauded Molinaro’s honest insights into going vegan

“I’m not vegan, but I’ve been trying my best to incorporate vegan meals and less animal products into my diet lately. Channels like yours have helped,” one viewer commented. 

“This post is refreshing! I’ve been vegan for 14 years, and although I love it and feel it works for me and my family, I don’t tout any miracle claims,” wrote another viewer. 

Going vegan might not cure all of your ailments, but if Molinaro’s experience is any indication, it can still have a huge impact on your life!

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