The most amazing and delicious donuts that TikTok has to offer

Who doesn’t love donuts? They might not be the fanciest dessert, but donuts have a classic simplicity that sets them apart. Plus, they’re truly delicious. If you love donuts and are looking for recipe inspiration, look no further than TikTok. TikTok chefs have been crafting some of the most delicious and creative donut recipes you can imagine. Here are five of the most amazing donuts on TikTok. 

1. Perfect powdered donuts

When it comes to making the perfect donut, it’s all about the dough. To make these powdered sugar donuts, which TikToker @matthewinthekitchen promises are the best you’ll ever try, combine warm milk, yeast, melted butter, sugar, eggs, salt and flour. Knead the mixture until it forms a dough, let it rise, then roll it out and cut out your donuts. Finally, fry the donuts until they’re a beautiful golden brown color and coat them in powdered sugar. 

2. Croissant donuts

Croissant donuts might sound fancy, but they’re surprisingly easy to make! Just grab a sheet of store-bought puff pastry dough, and use a cookie cutter to cut out your donut shape. Use a smaller cookie cutter to punch out the donut hole. Then simply fry your puff pastry donuts in oil until they begin to puff up and turn golden brown. The final product should look like a donut on the outside, but have the light, flakiness of a croissant on the inside.   

3. Super soft donuts

There are so many different kinds of donut dough, from light and airy to dense and chewy. If you like your dough extra soft, try this recipe for super soft, fluffy donuts. Start by mixing together warm milk, yeast, flour, sugar, salt and an egg until they form a sticky dough. Let the dough rise, then roll it out, cut out your donut shapes and fry them! Be sure to follow the exact ingredient ratios in the recipe, since the consistency of your dough will be determined by the amount of each ingredient you use. 

4. Easy air-fryer donuts

When you’re in a rush, make these delicious donuts using store-bought biscuit dough! These easy donuts, which are cooked in an air fryer, are full of flavor and take only minutes to make. Simply roll out a sheet of store-bought biscuit dough, cut out your donut shapes, and fry them in the air fryer at 365 degrees Fahrenheit for six minutes. Finish by frosting the donuts with your frosting flavor of choice.  

5. Vegan gluten-free strawberry donuts

These delicious donuts are vegan, gluten-free and absolutely delicious. To make them, mix gluten-free flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt, coconut sugar, almond milk, apple sauce, lemon juice and vanilla extract. Fill a donut tin with the batter, and bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. For the strawberry glaze, combine vegan butter, powdered sugar and strawberry jam. Then spread it over your donuts!

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