The most colorful teas on TikTok

Tea can be energizing, relaxing and have a wide range of health and wellness benefits, like improving gut health, promoting healthy sleep patterns, and staying alert and focused. But it turns out that tea is just as pleasant to look at as it is to drink! Here are 5 colorful, tea-licious recipes from TikTok that’ll inspire you to start steeping in the beauty of the classic beverage. 

Iced blue tea with milk

Feeling blue? This stunning blue iced tea concoction is sure to boost your spirits. The glass is packed with both large and mini ice cubes and then filled with vibrant blue tea, an herbal tea made from butterfly pea flowers. The drink is then topped with a splash of milk, which provides a mesmerizing visual as it spreads through the blue tea. Be sure to have the volume on for this one.

Multicolored giant jar of bubble tea

When it comes to bubble tea, the options for colorful creativity are endless. In this satisfying clip, a giant jar is layered with colorful boba, ice and multiple flavors of tea. The result? A massive masterpiece of color that you’ll probably want to split with a few friends. The colorful layers morph into a single purple-ish hue pretty quickly, but don’t let that burst your bubble. 

Iced brown sugar matcha latte

The bold colors of matcha tea make for the perfect baseline for colorful tea creations. Freshly crushed matcha powder is mixed with ice, milk and brown sugar syrup, creating an earthy blend of green and white. Plus, there’s something about the vintage glass the filmer uses that significantly boosts the aesthetic. 

Layered mango black boba tea 

Darkness meets light in this beautiful, layered iced black tea. Bright, fresh mango contrasts perfectly with a layer of black boba, and then a hefty pour of iced black tea helps blend the beverage into a true work of art. A tiny drizzle of milk is added at the end, giving viewers the epic pour-over shot of their dreams. 

Watermelon and lychee iced green tea

Fresh fruit is the basis for this eye-catching tea. Freshly sliced watermelon cubes are blended with ice and green tea to create a bright frozen juice. Then, the filmer creates a creamy layer of blended lychee. The two dazzling drinks are combined into a clear glass, making a colorful tea that’s refreshing in every possible way. 

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