This TikToker predicts the next viral water bottle

If you’ve spoken to anybody whose New Year’s resolution is to drink more water, they likely have a Stanley cup. The 40-ounce tumbler is the newest trend in water consumption. It fits into many people’s aesthetics and is a must-have item.


Just a few of the hundreds we have at school😅😅😅 #stanleycup

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However, the Stanley cup is just another in a long line of trendy bottles. People have long tried to find the perfect cup/bottle to reach their water-drinking goals, and that will not change anytime soon.

Emma Austin (@heyemmakay_) took the time to give a history lesson on the water bottles that have taken over the game in recent years.

“Cups go in faster trend cycles than I think fashion does,” she said in a video

“Miss Stanley girl is like having her moment,” she said in her breakdown. “It’s ‘cause it’s the handle and it fits in the car.” 

According to Austin, the next cup/bottle set to take over the market is the Owalla. 

“When you see Owallas everywhere, I’m telling you, come back to me,” said Austin at the end of the video. 

Commenters didn’t think her prediction was too far off, with the Owalla water bottle receiving several co-signs. 

“Owala is top tier. She is the final form water bottle. Nothing can top her,” commented @devsdoodleco.

Great reviews for the Owalla bottle continued to pour in (no pun intended). 

“Owala’s are INCREDIBLE for the double spout that is HARD PLASTIC!!! So that it’s easier to clean,” commented @shannon.mairead. “The only time i’m okay with being influenced lmaooo.”

Obviously, it’s tough to accurately predict the next viral sensation, but Austin had a suggestion for how to stay ahead of water bottle trends. 

“Follow the people who are nurses,” she claimed. “They are on the water bottle trends first.”

Coincidentally, several nurses backed up her claim in the comments section. 

“I’m a nurse and I started the owala trend on my floor,” said @croclover44.

“Not me seeing this as a nurse that has had an owala water bottle for over a year and a half now,” commented @racheltherad.

The Stanley cup is having its day, but don’t be surprised if a new water bottle starts to pop up on TikTok

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