The Obamas’ summer house is more confusing than chic

Barack and Michelle Obama are the epitome of a power couple. They’re successful, they’re fun, they’re fierce and their relationship is impenetrable.

Given how absolutely perfect Barack and Michelle are, people were naturally confused when they came across photos of the couple’s Martha’s Vineyard house. Though the house is about as garish and lavish as you’d expect a former president’s house to be, it’s also, well, kind of ugly.

“the whole point of cape cod/martha’s vineyard/nantucket is for rich people to pretend they’re rustic by staying in cute stained shingle whaling shacks. this is blasphemy,” Twitter user kathbarbadoro said about the Obamas’ house, which she described as “ugly and weird.”

In the photos that kathbarbadoro shared of the Obamas’ house, you can see the “ugly ass exterior” as well as a living room, a bizarre kitchen and what appears to be a room with only a circular couch in it.

Kathbarbadoro’s tweet about the Obamas’ house, which has nearly 8,000 likes, made people just as angry as she is.

“All that square footage and not one place to actually spend time in,” one person commented. “It looks designed to discourage anyone from lingering. Like hostile architecture but indoors.”

“I love to hang out in my special room that has no furniture except for one of those weird super uncomfortable round couches,” another person joked.

“It looks like a high end cult compound,” a third user added. “That weird round sofa surrounded by pillars is prime koolaid surroundings.”

According to SFGate, Barack and Michelle bought the “peculiar” Martha’s Vineyard house in 2019 for nearly $15 million.

“A stark white color palette dominates the interiors, which lack any real personality,” the website said of the home at the time. “Plus, there are odd architectural touches like metal cables connecting the vaulted ceiling in the living room and concrete columns that scream ‘parking structure’ instead of ‘palatial New England home.'”

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