The Power Up talks Xbox versus PS5, K/DA and the role of hip-hop in video games

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Following the releases of new next-generation video game consoles, the Xbox Series X and the PS5, Narz went to Union Square to see how New Yorkers felt between the two highly sought out products. As of now, anyone who wasn’t lucky enough to snag a preorder back in September is out of luck until possibly Black Friday, as both the Xbox and PS5 are sold out everywhere.

This seemed to be no problem for New Yorker Eddie, who Narz revealed managed to get ahold of both consoles.

“To me, honestly, there’s no difference … especially with third party titles,” Eddie said.

Most of the other people Narz interviewed seemed pretty evenly split between the two consoles. Those who were excited about the PS5 were thinking about Spider-Man: Miles Morales and the new Demon Souls remake, while Halo seemed to be the biggest allure for Xbox fans.

Later, back in the studio, Narz sat down with producer Just Blaze, who has worked with top-tier performers like Jay-Z and Mariah Carey, while also collaborating on soundtracks for video games. Blaze said that he appreciates when games integrate street sports culture and hip-hop culture all in one — for example, NBA Street Kings Vol. 2, which is widely regarded as one of the greatest basketball games of all time.

Blaze, a fan of video games himself, told Narz that he prefers multi-player games and goes back and forth between PS4 and Xbox, depending on what he wants to play.

Next, Narz spoke to Ellen Kim, the choreographer for K/DA, a virtual band made for the game, League of Legends.

“K-Pop and esports work well together because it’s also an emotional drive,” Kim said. “When people are gaming, they just want to get in the zone and the music, and I feel like K-Pop really works well in that realm.”

If you want to dance like K/DA, Kim also has a YouTube channel where she offers easy-to-follow choreography.

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