The secret to not killing all your houseplants is only $15

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If you are a plant parent, you probably know your little green babies need soil, light and water to thrive. But what about… lava rocks? Lava rocks are the unsung heroes of plant care, and it’s time to stop sleeping on their A-plus qualities.

Here’s what you need to know about these tiny pebbles of pure magic: Any plant lover knows that overwatering a plant is just as bad as not watering a plant enough — if not worse. Once a plant molds or gets root rot from too much water, there is no turning back. Lava rocks are the ultimate drainage solution for your plant babies to prevent a heavy-handed watering.

If you have an indoor planter without a drainage hole, placing lava rocks at the bottom of the planter can help prevent drowning your plants by creating a place for excess water to pool. Plant company The Sill also says lava rocks have the additional bonus of being porous, meaning they will absorb and slow-release excess water to keep your plant happy. 

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Although they sound pretty fancy, lava rocks aren’t expensive either. The Sill sells lava rocks in a 4.25 liter bag for $15. That’s enough rocks for a gigantic plant or several tiny growers. 

To see the lava rocks in action — and get a helpful tutorial on how to transplant your own babies with the help of lava and other essential plant-parent products — watch the video above. After all, lava rocks are the hottest drainage solution on the market. 

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