The Sports Science Lab studies the brains of pro athletes to optimize their performance

Technology aims to perfect most aspects of the human experience. Sports is no exception. The Sports Science Lab is a cutting edge think tank of sports scientists, exercise scientists and biomechanists. Together they use evidence-based methodologies to optimize individual athlete’s performances based on their unique physiology.

The process works in four steps. First, the lab analyzes thousands of data points from a single athlete. Then the lab’s machine learning system creates a custom training regimen. Next, the athlete must retrain their body to perform optimally and correct any imbalances using the information. Finally, the scientists retest the athlete periodically to continuously reconfigure the training plan.

“We think outside the box,” Juan Delgado a sports biomechanist at the Sports Science Lab told In The Know. “Besides working with the body, besides getting him stronger, more stable, flexible whatever it is, we work with their brains. The brain is one of the biggest tools for athletics and people completely overlook it.”

One of the lab’s clients featured in the video is Al Iaquinta, a professional UFC Mixed Martial Arts fighter and top ten in the world’s lightweight division. Clearly the methodology is working for at least one person. But the Sports Science Lab also boasts a plethora of teams in a range of sports as clientele, including the Brooklyn Nets, New York Jets and Charlotte Hornets.

Delgado says the overall mission is to find a balance between how the body reacts and how the brain thinks.

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